Thursday, August 24, 2006

" A PRINCESS TALE " Part Twelve

As soon as possible, the newly married couple stole away from the reception and withdrew to the Princess` quarters in her father`s castle. Her bedroom was festooned with the scent of jasmine, an odor that Johann was not fond of. He opened the doors to the patio to let in fresh air, then approached the Princess.

“Finally alone, my dear. And I have something for you.” Johann as Siegfried withdrew a small box from his vest pocket and presented it to Elaina. She opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement and wedding ring set. “My Princess should be wearing rings befitting her status, not that little ring of gold I gave you for our engagement.” He took her left hand in his and started to remove the ring from her finger.

The princess looked at him questioningly, “But Siegfried, this little ring of gold signifies our love. I have no want of other rings. Our ring of love is all that I wish to wear.”

Johann put his arms around her and drew her close to him. “As you wish, Elaina. Let`s say no more of it.” He bent down and kissed her passionately.

After more than a few seconds, Elaina withdrew from the kiss and stared into Johann`s eyes. “Is everything all right with you Siegfried? You don`t seem yourself.”

“I`m fine, my dear. I think it may be this infernal smell. This room is infested with jasmine blossoms, their odor is overpowering.” Johann sat on the bed after further opening the patio doors. “Come sit by me, Elaina. It`s time for bed.”

As she sat next to him Johann pulled her roughly to a supine position next to him, then moved his body over hers. As he brought his face to hers, Elaina put her hands in his hair and pulled the helmet Tarnhelm from his head. Instantaneously, Johann appeared as himself.

“What have you done with Siegfried?” Elaina asked as she stood up from the bed.

Johann approached her, stating “I`m sorry, Princess. You are too late to help Siegfried and if you know what`s good for you, you will hand over the ring.”