Thursday, July 27, 2006


The next morning, just before dawn, Siegfried presented the King`s note to the guard of the moat. The drawbridge was quickly lowered and Siegfried entered the castle and was given instructions to the Princess` chamber. He dismissed the guard at her chamber door and softly, silently opened the door to the Royal rooms.

It was very dim inside, the only light coming from the dawning just now blanching the night sky. Siegfried crept to the bed sitting directly under the open windows, smelling the perfume of jasmine that was growing ivy like on the small veranda.

Looking down on the bed, Siegfried was able to distinguish the form of a young woman lying on her side facing the night sky. Her blonde hair seemed to shimmer on the pillows as it reflected the sun`s first awakenings. Eyes closed, the Princess breathed softly, just the hint of a smile on her lips.

Siegfried bent closely to her and gently kissed that smile. He could feel the Princess stirring at his touch and he spoke the words that he begged would win her heart. “Please don`t be afraid, my Princess. Your father the King has granted me permission to try to win your heart. Before opening your eyes, I beg you hear my words.”

Elaina lay still, only a quivering on her lips confirming her wakefulness.

“Last evening while approaching your castle, I was met by a woodbird who sang to me from a rosebush. It spoke of your beauty and told me to awaken you with a kiss. The bird also said that I should try to win your love with the voice of my heart. And so, hear is my appeal."

"My name is Siegfried; I am a poet and a warrior. I have never felt fear before this day. It is such a strange feeling! And what is it that brings me to my knees in supplication? Only a brushing of your lips, the merest tasting. I fear for my happiness if I was forever denied that pleasure. And yet I am more fearful for you. I hope you can understand, it is our destiny to love each other. There is no one else on this earth that will be more faithful, more passionate to you. My heart vibrates at the thought of us. Can you feel it? A murmurring within you, like a woodbird`s call, ‘Coo coo---coo coo’. I come to you at dawn`s light to protect my soul from bursting.”

Siegfried withdrew from the bed, standing at the open windows. “Elaina, oh such a word! A name to inspire the poorest soul, yet here I stand, babbling on, saying nothing. I must try one last time.” Closing his eyes, sensing only the sweet smell of jasmine, Siegfried continued:

I kiss your lips,
So soft
I`m afraid of bruising.

Your hair,
Blonde as wheat,
My fingers
long to glean.

Eyes smiling
Will dazzle
My heart.