Sunday, July 30, 2006


As he stood in the gathering light, Siegfried felt a tingling in his right hand, then realized Elaina had risen from her bed and was standing beside him. She had placed her hand in his and had moved closer to him. He could feel a gentle pressure where she had encircled her arm with his, then felt, with all his senses, the rapture of her head resting on his shoulder.

He turned his head to her, just inches, and the smell of jasmine was replaced by her fragrance. The redolence drew him to the Princess` hair and he breathed deeply of her. His sigh seemed to release the moment she looked upwards at him and Siegfried gathered her in his arms. Their first kiss was gentle, just a touch, then their eyes met. Siegfried kissed the moisture escaping from her eyes, then held her closely, his left hand gently immersed in her hair.

“Oh Elaina, how I`ve longed for this moment. Could you love me?”

“I do love you, Siegfried. With all my heart and soul.”

“Then, we will be married, my love?”

“Yes, my darling, but first, the words.”

“I love you, my Princess, and I will do everything in my power to make you proud of me. With you by my side, our destinies will be fulfilled.”

As he spoke these words, a black butterfly flew through the window and alighted on Siegfried`s arm. Elaina drew back with a gasp and cried, “Oh no! Please don`t visit us now!”

Siegfried brushed the butterfly off his shoulder and said “Don`t be alarmed, my love. It`s only a butterfly and can`t harm you.”

“Oh, but Siegfried, it spoke to me. Didn`t you hear it?”

“No my beloved. And its words?”

“Just these, ‘light bringing love and laughing death’. Do you know its meaning?”

Siegfried drew Elaina close to him. “It`s nothing to concern you, Elaina. Just an omen I`ve heard twice before. Words that might have had power at one time. But no longer. Our love renders these foolish words meaningless!”