Saturday, July 22, 2006

" A PRINCESS TALE " Part Three

The King was puzzled. “Do you understand the meaning of this omen?”

“No, my Lord. I only know that my destiny and that of the Princess Elaina are intertwined.” Siegfried bowed to the King, asking “Sire, do I have your permission to present myself to your daughter?”

The King placed his hand upon Siegfried`s shoulder. “My son, it will be my greatest pleasure if you were to win my daughter`s heart. Go to her now, and Godspeed!” The King hurriedly wrote a short note and gave it to the Prince. “This note will grant you access to Elaina`s castle. Present it to the guardian of the moat and the drawbridge will be lowered.”

Siegfried withdrew from the King`s presence, rushing to mount his horse for the ride to the Princess` castle. By the time Siegfried reached the castle the sun had descended behind the mountain on which it was standing. As Siegfried paused, pondering the significance of his meeting with the Princess Elaina, a small woodbird called to him from a rosebush directly in front of him.

“Coo, coo”, it said. “Have you come to face your destiny, Siegfried?”

“I have, dear bird. Yet I must ask you for assistance. Can you explain these words to me, ‘light bringing love, and laughing death’?”

“Coo, coo”, the woodbird responded. “I see you remember me, oh Prince. I will offer you half the puzzle. You must sleep here tonight and approach the castle just before dawning. At first light you must be at the Princess` side. If you awaken her with a kiss, Elaina`s powers of beauty may be muted. In her languor, you may use the potency in your poetry to win her heart.”

“Oh, thank you, kind bird. And what do you see of my chances?”

The woodbird replied, “Coo, coo” and flew away into the night sky.