Sunday, August 13, 2006


Before the pledge of vows, the Cardinal first consecrated the marriage with the celebration of the Holy Mass. When it became time for the wedding party to receive Holy Communion, the Sacrament that allows the communicants to receive the Body of Christ, the Prince of Neder kneeled next to Siegfried.

As the Cardinal approached him with the Sacrament, Johann seemed to reel and he fell backwards, breathing heavily. Two groomsmen and his father`s physician rushed to his side but he recovered quickly and again took his place beside Siegfried. The Cardinal approached him again with the Holy Eucharist but Johann bowed his head, refusing the Sacrament. He spoke “I`m sorry. I think it`s best that I don`t receive the Body of Christ. My stomach remains queasy.” Siegfried faced his best man with a quizzical look, then turned back to the Cardinal.

The rest of the ceremony was uneventful and as the Cardinal pronounced Elaina and Siegfried man and wife, the entire church erupted with cheers of joy and happiness. The fainting incident seemed forgotten as the audience awaited the wedding party`s passing so that the celebration might begin.

As the newly married couple finished the procession and arrived at the entrance to the Cathedral, Johann approached Siegfried, “Before you greet your guests with your lovely wife, may I have one minute of your time? It`s very urgent!”

Siegfried frowned, then nodded, and the Neder Prince directed him to the private room they had used before the ceremony. Siegfried kissed his bride and told her he would be back in a moment, then entered the room. Johann followed, closing the door behind them.