Saturday, June 10, 2006


The furies of the Gods
attend to mortals,
to keep us in our place.
Oh, The stories they tell !

Of mother Rhea
hiding her youngest son
in Mount Dicte`s caves,
defying Cronus the Titan.

Zeus, full-grown,
rescues Poseidon and Hades
from his father`s vomitus
with Hestia, Demeter and Hera.

The Titans fall before
their children;
father vanquished
imprisoned in Tartarus.

Spoils shared by brothers;
Hades the Underworld,
Poseidon the Sea,
Zeus the Sky and Earth.

The story continued in Genesis
as the God of Earth and Sky
Creates his children,
Yet dares them to defy
His dicta.

Adam and Eve,
striving for immortality,
oppose His will,
thus freeing theirs.

But oh, the price of
in the presence
of their mortality;
only half Gods,
the abyss immutably

Yet among them,
the fearless,
from Lascoux to
The Artists who draw
from their Creations
and thus become

V  c 2006