Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Theresa and Christina, I`m Back!

Theresa and Christina seem to be speaking to me. They`re saying, “OK, I`m sorry you`ve been sick. But how long are you goin` to sleep? Your blog seems a series of reposts, an occasional new poem. How `bout a little energy?

Aynetal is caught up with her school entries, Christina and Theresa are so energized, Jod is plugging along wonderfully without her “i”, Tammy is warrioring along, Mal is showing his courage, even T has posted! Everyone is up & about, `cept some of us depressives. {You know who you are!}

The first series of saved poems that I wrote were in reflection of an intense love affair, in my thirties. Over 20 years later, I started an AOL journal. {God, it`s hard to capitalize aol, sort of giving them respect. Yet, if not for my journal there, I`d not be writing anything of substance now.} In the past 2 ½ years, I`ve completed one book of fiction, third of the way through its sequel, and have written over 100 poems. Kind of amazing to me.

I read of the dedication that most artists feel towards their work, the singlemindedness, and I am deeply humbled. Many years ago, as a freshman finance major, I took an Interest Inventory. The results stated I was most suited to be a writer, secondly, a psychologist. I escaped accounting and have spent most of my working life as a clinical psychologist after earning my M.A. and Ph.D. Now here I am, later in life, trying to write.

Theresa asked where my interest in vampires came from. The funny thing is, I`ve never had a special interest in the undead. When I was first fumbling in my aol journal, I published my love poems of so many years ago. Then I remembered an essay I wrote as a freshman in my first English composition class. The teacher had asked us to write a “descriptive essay” and I wrote of a farmer who was in his barn when he was attacked by a large animal. With his last surge of energy, he was able to hurt the animal severely with a pitchfork. He then crawled to the back door of his house and before collapsing, banged on the door. His wife heard the bang and looked out the back window. All she could see was the animal, slowly but assuredly approaching her back door. She locked the door and ran to her children.

I posted my remembrance of this essay, then thought, I wonder where this story goes? And that`s how I gained an interest in vampires and wrote my first book.

As far as the number of blogs I`ve been reading, I`ve cut the number from 128 to 66. I feel more comfortable with this number and I`m grateful for all of the comments and support I received over this conundrum.

Believe it or not, I started to write this entry in response to the latest posts from Theresa and Christina. The relationship of creativity and Godliness. Those two always get me writing, though I often ramble. Believe me, I`ll get there!

Hugs to all.