Monday, February 13, 2006


There`s something I`ve been wrestling with since the AOL Exodus in November, 2005. I feel very comfortable at my new digs, yet I`ve found that there has been a significant decrease in my posting since the move. I wonder about all of the reasons for this.

To start with, I`ve found that I now have 125 blogs listed on my Bloglines Feeds. I`m sure I`m not the first blogger [or journaller] who has run into this conundrum. I try to visit these blogs as often as possible, yet it is impossible to adequately keep up with the hundreds of notifications that I receive each week. I guess there comes a point when we must narrow our focus; the question is how to best do this.

On the average, this blog receives from 15 to 18 comments per entry, with probably 10 to 12 being constant visitors. If I add the less frequent visitors, plus the AOL journals that remain must reads, I may be able to cut my blogline roll significantly.

This morning, as I was perusing my list for commenting, I realized that there were blogs and/or journals that I have been visiting regularly for a year or more who have seldom, if ever, commented in my blog or, in times past, my now closed AOL journal. Many of these are popular blogs, and it seems unlikely that they would miss my comments so I think these should be the first to be deleted from my visiting list. I guess that`s where I`ll start.

Another reason for my post decrease has been an on again- off again battle with flu-like symptoms for the past six weeks. Next year, I think I`m going for the Flu shot!

For visitors to my private AOL fiction journal, it must be evident that I`ve lost my Muse due to whatever reasons. I`m barely posting 1 update a week since November! Something must be done there. I`m so appreciative of my avid readers there and I have to write more frequently there to keep their interest.

I guess in posting this I`m asking if anyone else has suffered these difficulties. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.