Friday, July 21, 2006


Siegfried`s reputation preceeded him wherever he traveled. A renowned poet, there were many myths that surrounded his heritage. It was said that he was the grandson of Wotan, the great warrior King who ruled all of the mighty kingdoms across the ocean.

With Nothung, the magical sword he was able to forge in order to slay the evil dragon Fafner, Siegfried roamed the world in search of his destiny. His grandfather had granted Siegfried many virtues including an inability to know fear and it was this fearlessness that led to his confrontation with Wotan.  

The great King was aware of his grandson`s destiny and confronted him when Siegfried was about to embark on his journey across the ocean. Siegfried did not recognize his grandfather and insolently broke Wotan`s spear with one blow from Nothung. Wotan withdrew, leaving the fate of the world in Siegfried`s hands.

In the new world Siegfried disguised himself as a poet and traveled throughout the lands, always on the alert for circumstances that would allow his destiny to be fulfilled. His reputation as a poet spread far and wide and he was granted audiences in the Royal Courts of every country. And so it came to pass that Siegfried learned of the plight of the beautiful Princess Elaina; he traveled to her land and was granted an audience with her father the King.

Siegfried explained to the King how he had learned of his destiny. When he had slain the dragon Fafner, on drawing his sword from the corpse, his hands were burned by the dragon`s blood. He instinctively put his hands to his mouth and upon tasting the blood was immediately able to understand the song of a woodbird that had perched patiently while Fafner was slain.

The bird explained that Siegfried would one day meet the most beautiful of princesses, one who was so lovely that she lived her life as if surrounded by fire. Through his words he would capture her love and they would fulfill their destinies. The King was very excited by the tale told to him and he asked Siegfried to reveal their future to him. The young Prince could only reply that the woodbird had left him with the omen that their union would bring “light-bringing love, and laughing death”.