Friday, June 30, 2006


In reading the wonderful blog of Theresa Williams {} I am once again challenged to think of creativity, love and muses. I`d like to present some thoughts from three of my favorite writers:

1. From Goethe;

A Plan the Muses entertain`d

Methodically to impart

To Psyche the poetic art;
Prosaic-pure her soul remain`d.
No wondrous sounds escaped her lyre

E`en in the fairest Summer night;
But Amor came with glance of fire,--

The lesson soon was learn`d aright.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2. From Theresa Williams;

Another take on the creative experience has been offered by Theresa Williams in her interview in the BGSU Monitor:

In her poetry, Williams says, “I look for a core that reveals the terrible beauty of things, and I want to slay the reader with that beauty. When I say ‘terrible beauty,’ I mean a force like the Ohio River, which can be placid and lovely, but which can also sweep you away and tear down your house. Another way of saying this is that I am searching for a way to express an experience of the sublime, which doesn't just mean beauty but also fear and awe.”

3. From Rollo May;

The sexual metaphor indeed expresses the importance of encounter. In sexual intercourse the two persons encounter each other; they withdraw partially to unite with each other again, experiencing every nuance of knowing, not knowing, in order to know each other again. The man becomes united with the woman and the woman with the man, and the partial withdrawal can be seen as the expedient by which both have the ecstatic experience of being filled again. Each is active and passive in his and her own way. It is a demonstration that the process of knowing is what is important; if the male simply rests within the woman, nothing will happen beyond the prolonging of the wonder of the intimacy. It is the continuous experiencing of encounter and re-encounter that is the significant happening from the viewpoint of ultimate creativity. Sexual intercourse is the ultimate intimacy of two beings in the fullest and richest encounter possible. It is highly significant that this is the experience that is also the highest form of creativity in the respect that it can produce a new being.