Thursday, February 23, 2006

Further Thoughts; A Comment To Christina.

Re: Thoughts On Creativity And Faith; Reactions To Christina, Theresa, Aynetal And Tianka.

This entry first appeared as a comment in Christina`s blog. Her entry was titled "Morning thoughts about Vince and Theresa and the debate".

Hi Christina. A few thoughts...

Johnson wrote the 1st great Dictionary of the English language; Boswell was his biographer and diarist.

Do you really still have access to the poem I deleted? Could you email it to me? I don`t have a copy, don`t remember all the words.Maybe I should rethink its deletion. Hmmmmmm....

I`m on the side of faith in the Creator. I agree with Becker, Rank and Kierkegaard. There`s a sadness in Freud`s life that his genius could never be humbled before the Being who endowed him with its power. The artist, which I define as anyone trying to live his/her life to its fullest potential,{see Aynetal`s comment} can feel most fulfilled if he can accept himself as that animal who must attempt to be as God, yet in the same breath, bow to the wonder of his Creator. Not an easy task.

In an earlier comment, Theresa wrote of the French describing the sexual act as "la petit morte", the little death. I believe the root of this lies in its being the ultimate creative act, more so than even art, since it is something that we share equally. In the grand scheme of things, this is as close as we get to Godliness.