Saturday, January 07, 2006

Giaccomo Puccini " La Boheme "

The arias when Rudolfo and Mimi first meet are, for me, the most beautiful, most romantic. PLEASE CLICK on the Title Words. The Arias, in Italian, can be heard as you read the words! {Thanks, Ayn}

"Che gelida manina" Rodolfo [second stanza]

Who am I? I`m a poet.
My business? Writing.
How do I live? I live.
In my happy poverty
I squander like a prince
my poems and songs of love.
In hopes and dreams
and castles-in-air.
I`m a millionaire in spirit.
But sometimes my strong-box
is robbed of all its jewels
by two thieves; a pair of pretty eyes.
They came in now with you
and all my lovely dreams,
my dreams of the past,
were soon stolen away.
But the theft doesn`t upset me,
since the empty place was filled
with hope.
Now that you know me,
it`s your turn to speak.
Who are you? Will you tell me?

Mi chiamano Mimi Mimi [first stanza]

They call me Mimi,
but my real name`s Lucia.
My story is brief.
I embroider silk and satin
at home or outside.
I`m tranquil and happy
and my pastime
is making lilies and roses.
I love all things
that have gentle magic,
that talk of love, of spring,
that talk of dreams and fancies----
the things called poetry....
do you understand me?