Thursday, November 17, 2005


There`s something wrong with her
A certain sadness, lingers in the air
Pronounces her passing,
as clouds conceal the warming rays.

Lifelong burdens, never truly gone,
The grimace in her sometimes smile
reveals the weight of destiny.

People question her activity
the glee she sees in mural`s lens
captured one by one
and every day a symphony.

Yet lying down at night, alone
awaiting Somnus` divine repose
She cannot help but think of things,
denying life its happiness.

The nights are endless, yet
an inkling, a spark is kindled
from the beauty
a mural allowed her.

In reverie, she thinks
of butterflies and flowers
of children`s smiles
of moonlit nights
and stars divine.

Awakened with a start,
a smile upon her lips,
she stretches like a kitten
her thoughts in happiness.

Perhaps the mural
brings focus to her life
What is gone is done
and Art is happiness.


C 2005 Deabler, V.T.