Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Parting Entry on my AOL Journal

Taking the idea from Theresa Williams` Journal,{} I`ve decided to leave an entry that reflects the sadness that I feel about watching the diaspora of the AOL community. This is the poem I wrote as an homage to the AOL-J community on our 1st Anniversary; it continues to reflect my feelings towards all who have had the courage to share their lives and souls with me. Love and Prayers. V.


The tiny worm hatches,
searches the net for sustenance.
She feasts on Pogo
gapes at Google
plays with Pics,
Windows Media offers refreshment,
but she`s still a worm.

How can she grow
find the cerebral food
to become a caterpillar?

Aloneness continues,
her only friends are Amazon and .coms
trying to sell her a soul.

She inches upward to Hometown
tastes a web page
and sees a friendly face
beckoning her to AOL journals.

Tentatively, she enters this strange world,
Butterflies are everywhere!
life is there to taste;
prose, poetry, paintings,
the sharing of souls,
of heartbreak and love.

She devours everything in sight,
grows and grows
A fine caterpillar she is
having feasted
on the butterflies` glorious wares.

Ah! It is time to rest
she spins a cocoon around herself
and sleeps in wonder.

Can I be a butterfly too?
can I be as pretty
as the wonderful
Monarchsof Journal-land?

She emerges from camouflage,
she says hello,
and is welcomed by many others
Floating and flitting
touching her little nest.

She grows bolder,
ponderously taking flight
and finds no judgement
of her faltering attempts,
only encouragement, and love!

She becomes a butterfly,
offering what she can
to other, newer caterpillars
finding a butterfly`s true nature
the metamorphosis complete.

Vince Deabler